31st May -1st June 2011 Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome to the 3rd Workshop on Education and Training


The workshop and the symposium will take place in the National Technical Library, 6 Technická st., 160 80 Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague as a capital of the Czech Republic is situated nearly in the heart of the country and even though in Europe. It is a town boasting with a long history which you can stepwise distinguish from many different Prague locations covering periods from Romanesque to modern styles.

A lot of information is on http://www.praha.eu/jnp/en/home/index.html

You can enrich your days by visiting a concert from the Prague Spring Festival (12 May 3 June). You can take part in a trip from a travel agency tourist offer.

Prague uses GMT + 1.

The currency is Czech crown (K) where 25 K is around 1 EUR.

The average weather can be both sunny and rainy with temperatures around 17 24C.