15 - 17 October 2013 Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire, UK

9th EARSeL Forest Fire Special Interest Group Workshop on

'Quantifying the environmental impact of forest fires'

WORKSHOP PROGRAMME: The workshop programme (FINAL VERSION) is available download and view. Please download the PROGRAMME HERE. Note that the programme is subject to change.

PLEASE REGISTER: Registration is now open and we are ready to accept payment for registration and accommodation. Fees include accommodation at the conference venue. Click on 'Workshop Fees' and 'Registration' on the left hand menu for more information. Note that we have reduced the fee for student members of EARSeL-registered institutions by 50 Euro.

ABSTRACT REVIEW PROCESS IS NOW COMPLETE: We have recieved a good number of high quality abstracts that our scientific committee have considered through a double blind review process. Results have been communicated to authors and the programme is now in development. If you have a critical or burning piece of research that you think should be presented at the workshop then contact Kevin Tansey through the 'Contact' page in the left hand menu.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: We are delighted to announce that our Keynote Speakers for the workshop will be: Prof. Christ Justice (University of Maryland, USA), Dr. Luigi Boschetti (University of Idaho, US), Dr. Guido van der Werf (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Dr. Gareth Robers (University of Southampton, UK). THEIR ABSTRACTS CAN BE READ BY FOLLOWING THE LINK ON THE LEFT HAND PANEL.

SPECIAL ISSUE IN REMOTE SENSING - OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL (BREAKING NEWS - IMPACT FACTOR OF 2.101!): We are especially delighted to announce that we have secured the opportunity to have a special issue on the topic of Quantifying the Environmental Impact of Forest Fires with Remote Sensing - Open Access Journal. The journal was very recently awarded its first impact factor of 2.101, a great achievement for a new journal. The deadline for submission will be 31 December 2013. More details can be found here: Remote Sensing - Open Access Journal.

As we attempt to model the Earth System it is important that the impact of forest fires on the Earth System is fully understood and quantified. These impacts can be on climate, the biosphere, ecosystem functioning, society and livelihood. Fire disturbance has been identified by climate modellers as an Essential Climate Variable. Forest disturbance and the associated carbon flux needs to be measured and reported under the United Nations REDD+ programme. Furthermore, we have been very good at understanding the short term impacts of fire on forests, but less good at understanding the response of vegetation under different fire frequency and severity scenarios. The workshop will draw out the state of the art research being undertaken to identify and quantify these impacts.

All relevant institutions and interested individuals are invited to participate.

We invite you to submit abstracts to the workshop on the following topics:

1. Characterising the impact of fire severity and fire frequency across vegetation types
2. Validation methods for burned area mapping
3. Monitoring and modelling vegetation recovery after fire disturbance
4. Scaling from regional to global burned area maps
5. Mapping forest fires for REDD+ MRV
6. Using active fire mapping and fire radiative energy to inform on fire severity and impact

EARSeL PUBLICATION POLICY: EARSeL encourages the publishing of the full version of the manuscripts to the EARSeL eProceedings.