SIG Activities

More than one third of the Europe is covered by forests. Remote sensing is a strong tool for the forest resources assessment and monitoring, and consequently serves as a unique source of information in the context of topics such as landuse/ landcover change, climate change, biodiversity and landscape ecology.

The goal of Forestry SIG is to set up platform for co-operation and information exchange among people interested in development of: forest mapping methods, assessment of biophysical parameters, monitoring of the human and nature impacts (insects, wind), change detection, etc. Imagery from the range of EO sensors (VHRS optical, hyperspectral, LiDAR, radar, digital aerial photographs) are utilised in both research and application-oriented projects. The results are periodically presented on SIG workshops, which are often organised in co-operation with similar groups within IUFRO and ISPRS. The SIG topics are also proposed within the annual EARSeL Symposium. Other activities include searching for joint funding, arranging free sensor datasets or ground truth reference data for algorithm testing.

Membership in our hosting organisation, the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories is recommended but is not a prerequisite.