Upcoming event:

“Advancing horizons for land cover services entering the big data era”

Charles University in Prague
Prague, Czech Republic, 6-7 May, 2016

Land use and land cover have been one of the first and main products from remote sensing data. Its dynamics are strongly influenced by socio-economic factors and political decisions, generating a need for adequate mapping and monitoring tools. As a consequence, robust and sophisticated analysis methods are required for accurate information extraction and fast and efficient data analysis adopted to the rapid advances in image and sensor technologies. Furthermore, multi-temporal and multi-sensor approaches are becoming more and more important not only for change detection but also for more detailed classification approaches. The EARSeL Special Interest Group on Land Use and Land Cover (SIG LULC) aims to bundle methodological and application-oriented research activities in this thematic field. The workshops shall form a platform for scientific exchange and discussion on a variety of related topics.

  The SIG intention is to further foster a better integration of science results into operational products and processes. Hence, the SIG welcomes contributions from users, service providers and value adding industry. We also aim at linking with the various European initiatives in the land cover sector as well as on-going core services within the EU Copernicus and ESA ECV programs.

Workshop participants

Credit: © Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Recent event:

First joint Workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Land Use & Land Cover and the NASA LCLUC Program (pdf)
(5th Workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Land Use and Land Cover)

“Frontiers in Earth Observation for Land System Science”

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Berlin, Germany, 17-18 March, 2014