10th EARSeL workshop on Land Ice and Snow

Venue and Travel Information

Department of Geography, University of Bern

Institute of Geography, University of Bern

The workshop will be hosted by the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern.

Institute of Geography
Hallerstrasse 12
CH 3012 Bern

The Institute of Geography is located in the district "Länggasse" very close to Bern main rail station (a 10-minute walk or two bus stations). If you come by public transport "Bern Mobil" you have to take the Bus No. 12 (direction: Länggasse), and get out with the station "Universität".

Travel by plane:

Bern's local airport (Airport Bern-Belp) has direct connections to several European cities. The airport's scale enables for very fast handling of arrivals and departures.

Travel by train:

Switzerland has a dense railway network with good connections also to its neighbor countries. For more information on national and international train (and other public transport) connections, see http://www.sbb.ch.


Participants are requested to make their own reservations. Please check the Bern Info website for more information.

In short distance to the workshop centre:

Hotel Arabelle**
Mittelstrasse 6, 3012 Bern, Tel +41 31 301 03 05, Fax +41 31 302 42 62
walking distance: 2 minutes