Analysis of Productivity Anomalies for Food Security Monitoring Based on Remote Sensing Derived Phenology-Indicators
Michele Meroni, Michel Verstraete, Felix Rembold, Ferdinando Urbano and Francois Kayitakire
1-6 download
Generating Crop Masks for the EU through Lucas Data, Corine and Spot NDVI-Imagery
Kees de Bie and Javier Gallego
7-21 download
Assessing Vegetation Response to Climate Variability via Time Series of NDVI, Precipitation and Soil Moisture Content
Pieter Hawinkel, Else Swinnen, Carolien Tote and Jos Van Orshoven
22-27 download
Long Term Consistent Global GEOV1 AVHRR Biophysical Products
Aleixandre Verger, Frédéric Baret, Marie Weiss, Roselyne Lacaze, Hassan Makhmara and Eric Vermote
28-33 download
Mapping Air Temperature by Fourier Analysis of Land Surface Temperature Time Series Observed by Terra/MODIS
Silvia Maria Alfieri, Francesca De Lorenzi, Antonello Bonfante, Angelo Basile and Massimo Menenti
34-43 download
Modelling NDVI Time Series to Fill Gaps of Meteorological Data
Margarita González Loyarte, Massimo Menenti, Ángela Magdalena Diblasi
44-51 download
Fusion of Multitemporal ENVISAT ASAR and HJ-1 Data for Object-based Urban Land Cover Classification
Alexander Jacob and Yifang Ban
52-57 download
Urban Spatial and Temporal Changes Analysis Based on Spectral, Polarimetric, Temporal, Spatial Dimensions and Decision Level Fusion
Pei Liu, Peijun Du and Paolo Gamba
58-63 download
Urban Mapping Using Multitemporal Very High Resolution SAR Data By A Knowledge-based SEM Algorithm
Xin Niu and Yifang Ban
64-69 download
Temporal Analysis Techniques I    
Reconstruction of Cloud-Free Time Series Satellite Observation of Land Surface Temperature
Hamid Reza Ghafarian, Massimo Menenti, Li Jia and Hendrik den Ouden
70-80 download
Reconstruction of Cloud-Free Time Series Satellite Observation of Land Surface Temperature
Hamid Reza Ghafarian, Massimo Menenti, Li Jia and Hendrik den Ouden
81-86 download
Performance Assessment of Spatio-Temporal MAP-MRF Cloud Detection from SEVIRI Images
Paolo Addesso, Roberto Conte, Maurizio Longo, Rocco Restaino and Gemine Vivone
87-92 download
Towards a Tracking of Small Scale Eddies Using High-Resolution RADARSAT-2 and TerraSAR-X Imagery
Benjamin Seppke, Leonie Dreschler-Fischer and Martin Gade
93-99 download
Change Detection with Optical Data    
Using Terrasar-X and Rapideye Data for Change Detection in Wadden Sea Areas
Sascha Klonus and Manfred Ehlers
100-107 download
Multitemporal Landsat Imagery Analysis to Study the Dynamics of Land Cover over Lake Kivu Region
Bikash Basnet and Anthony Vodacek
108-116 download
A Remote Sensing Investigation into Decadal Scale Changes of Folgefonna Ice Cap, Southern Norway
Benjamin Aubrey Robson
117-125 download
Change Detection with SAR Data    
Improving Change Detection Using Geometrical Features
Paolo Gamba, Gianni Lisini, Yifang Ban
126-132 download
Change Detection in Full and Dual Polarization SAR Data and the Complex Wishart Distribution
Allan A. Nielsen, Knut Conradsen, Henning Skriver and Morton J. Canty
133-138 download
Multitemporal SAR Data for Urban Change Detection using Markov Random Field
Osama A. R. Yousif and Yifang Ban
139-144 download
Mapping of Storm Damages in Forests Using Terrasar-X Sar Image Data
Jörg Ermert, Matthias Dees and Barbara Koch
145-152 download
Analysis of Multi-Temporal Terrasar-X Imagery over a Semi-Arid Region in Darfur, Western Sudan
Bernard Spies, Sarah Brown, Alistair Lamb, Heiko Balzter and Peter Fisher
153-158 download
Forest I    
Tracing Structural Changes of a Complex Forest by a Multiple Systems Approach
Thomas Schneider, Jiaojiao Tian, Alata Elatawneh, Adelheid Rappl and Peter Reinartz
159-165 download
Vegetation Stress & Drought    
A Multitemporal and Non-Parametric Approach for Assessing the Impacts of Drought on Vegetation Greenness: A Case Study for Latin America
Hugo Carrão, Guadalupe Sepulcre, Stephanie Horion and Paulo Barbosa
166-181 download
Vegetation Stress due to Mining Impact in Karabash Using TSA of Spot-VGT
Carolien Tote, Marc Goossens, Ben Williamson, William Purvis, David Bellis, Valery Udachin, Else Swinnen and Ils Reusen
182-187 download
Temporal Analysis Techniques II    
A Global Evaluation of Harmonic Analysis of Time Series under Distinct Gap Conditions
Jie Zhou, Li Jia, Guangcheng Hu and Massimo Menenti
188-195 download
Comparing Parametric and Non-Parametric Approaches for Estimating Trends in Multi-Year NDVI
Sadegh Jamali, Jonathan Seaquist, Lars Eklundh and Jonas Ardö
196-201 download
Recovery of the Geometry of Historical Aerial Photos Associating Self-Calibration with Ground Control Linear Features
Dimitra Vassilaki, Charalambos Ioannidis and Athanassios Stamos
202-207 download
A Particle Filter Approach for Solar Radiation Estimate Using Satellite Image and In Situ Data
Laurent Linguet and Jamal Atif
208-216 download
Analysis of the Thermal and Deformative Superficial Fields over Southern Italy via the Exploitation of Long-Term MODIS LST and SAR Data Time Series
Massimo Antoninetti, Daniela Stroppiana, Pietro A. Brivio, Pietro Tizzani, Mariarosaria Manzo and Riccardo Lanari
217-222 download
A Multitemporal Ts-VI (MTVI) Method for Surface Soil Moisture Assessment at Regional Scale
Roberto Carlà, Katia Fontanelli and Leonardo Santurri
223-228 download
Forest II    
National Forest Monitoring Systems for REDD+
Inge Jonckheere
229-233 download
Time Courses of Reflectance for Some Forest Types in Estonia
Tiit Nilson, Mait Lang, Miina Rautiainen, Jan Pisek, Urmas Peterson, Andres Kuusk, Joel Kuusk and Alo Eenmäe
234-239 download
Vegetation Dynamics    
Analyzing Vegetation Dynamics by Combining Remote Sensing with Process-based Ecosystem Models
Jonathan W. Seaquist, Veiko Lehsten, Mats Lindeskog and Lars Eklundh
240-245 download
Dynamic Vegetation Analysis: Phenological Behaviour and Phenological Pattern
Margarita González Loyarte and Massimo Menenti
246-253 download
Multi-Sensor Assessment of Trends in Attributes of Vegetation Dynamics and Ecosystem Functioning Derived from NDVI Time Series
Bruno Marcos, Isabel Pôças, João Gonçalves and João Pradinho Honrado
254-268 download
Characterization of Temporal Variations of SAVI Spatial Patterns
Roberto Carlà, Leonardo Santurri and Katia Fontanelli
269-274 download
Hazards and Risks    
Characterising Fire Hazard from Temporal Sequences of Thermal Infrared MODIS Measurements
Carmine Maffei, Silvia Alfieri and Massimo Menenti
275-281 download
Towards Monitoring Post-Fire Vegetation Cover Dynamics in the Mediterranean with the Use of Object-Based Image Analysis of Landsat Images
George Mitri and Paolo Fiorucci
282-286 download
Monitoring of Invasive Aquatic Plants Using Multitemporal Rapideye Data
Sebastian Roessler, Patrick Wolf, Thomas Schneider and Arnulf Melzer
287-292 download
Coastal Zones and Aquatic Environment    
Temporal Analysis of Optical and SAR Remote Sensing for Monitoring of Intertidal Salt Marshes
Sybrand van Beijma, Alexis Comber and Alistair Lamb
293-297 download
Monitoring Landcover Changes on the Coastal Zone of North-Lebanon Using Object-Based Image Analysis of Multi-Temporal Landsat Images
George Mitri, Manal Nader, Irna Van der Molen and Jon Lovett
298-302 download