3-6 June 2013 Matera, Italy

Travel information

If you require information or assistance for booking any of the transport options below, do not hesitate to contact:
Mrs. Rebecca Riches
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Bari-Palese (BRI) is the closest airport to Matera (about 50 km).
The Bari-Palese airport is reachable from Rome and Milan (and other italian cities) with Alitalia, Air One, Ryanair and Easyjet.
There are also direct flights from several european cities with Ryanair and Easyjet.

- Shuttle bus to/from Bari Airport There is a direct shuttle bus from Bari (Palese) Airport to Matera. This can be booked online (recommended to guarantee a place) pugliairbus.aeroportidipuglia.it.
The cost is €3-€5 (rate: one-way - based on service required)
The times are currently:

Pugliairbus timetable

Bari airport 00.30 09.15 14.40 15.45 19.15
Matera (Piazza Moro) 01.45 10.30 15.55 17.00 20.30

Matera (Piazza Moro) 04.55 10.45 13.00 17.10 20.35
Bari airport 06.10 12.00 14.15 18.25 21.50

You can find the bus stop as you exit the arrivals hall and turn right (bus name ‘pugliairbus shuttle').

- Bus and Train to/from Bari Airport It is possible to get a bus to Bari Central Station and then a train to Matera.

NOTE: No train service on Sundays.

Shuttle bus to main train station in Bari (Bari Centrale)
It is possible to take either an airport shuttle bus (€4,00 one-way, 30 minutes travel time, running approx. every 35-60 minutes), or, a public bus (€0,90 one-way, 45 minutes travel time, running approx. every 40 - 60 minutes).

Please refer to this link for more details: www.autoservizitempesta.it

- Private Transfers to/from Bari Airport Private car transfers are available from Bari Palese direct to your hotel in Matera. Prices depend on the number of people traveling and savings are possible if you share the transfer with other travellers.

Number of passengers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Ticket price per car: € 70 75 80 90 100 110 120 120
Ticket price per person: € 70,00 37,50 26,67 22,50 20,00 18,33 17,14 15,00

NOTE: prices may vary slightly depending on exact times of transfer.


From Naples, take the highway for Salerno, and then follow the A3 highway in the direction of Reggio Calabria. Turn off Sicignano for Potenza, where you follow State Road 407 until the turn off for Matera near Ferrandina Scalo. Proceed on this road for further 20 minutes to arrive directly in Matera.
From Bari, follow State Road 96 for Altamura and then Matera.
From Bari Palese airport, follow the signs for Modugno until you see signs for Altamura that will take you onto the SS96.


From Rome and Naples there is a national train service to Ferrandina (on the Taranto line), with a connecting bus which arrives directly in Matera.
From Bari there is a regional train line, the Ferrovie Apulo-Lucane (FAL) which operates many trains and buses daily.

- Trains to/from Bari - Matera The local train network, ‘Ferrovie Appulo Lucane’ (FAL) offers a Bari-Matera train service. NOTE: this is not the national network (Trenitalia) and the stations are on the same square where the buses stop.
Times for trains from ‘Bari Centrale FAL’ to ‘Matera Centrale’ can be found on www.fal-srl.it Cost: €4:50 one-way, approx. 1 hr 20 mins travel time, running approx. every 60 minutes.

NOTE: Both shuttle bus and train arrive at Piazza Aldo Moro, Matera.

Your accommodation will typically be between a 5 – 20 minute walk from here. We can advise you on the distance to your hotel and a taxi transfer can be booked if necessary. The cost will be approx. €10-€15 per vehicle.

- Trains from Matera to Naples A train service runs from ‘Ferrandina-Pomarico-Miglionico’ – ‘Napoli Centrale’ please refer to this link for more details and booking: Trenitalia.
You can reach Ferrandina station (20 mins from Matera) via private transfer from €35 - €8 per person (depending on number of travellers, from 1-8 people)


There are bus connections to Matera from Bari, Naples, Rome and Milan.
For further information about bus service between Bari airport and Matera see Pugliairbus or shuttle service Matera or visit Sassiweb - shuttle bus.

- Buses to/from Matera - Naples A direct bus from Matera to Naples is available, see this link for more details www.marinobus.it. Site available in Italian only and do not hesitate to contact My Italian Job for details and booking.
- Private Transfers to/from Matera - Naples Private transfers are available to Napoli from €32 per person based on a minimum of 8 travellers. Do not hesitate to contact My Italian Job for further details.

Further information about Matera can be found on the Municipality of Matera website.