16-20 June 2014 University of Warsaw,
Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, Poland

Call for Papers

Abstract submission

Contributions will be presented orally and by poster. Both are considered of equal standing and no distinction is made between them in the Symposium publications. When submitting your contribution to EARSeL's Conference Management System you are kindly requested to notify your preference (oral/poster).

Due to many requests the Conference Management System has been re-opened for submission of contributions to the 34th EARSeL Symposium until 31 March 2014.

The Abstract Book will be available to attendees at the symposium registration desk, and will be published on the Symposium webpage.

Submission of Extended Abstracts

For the first time, EARSeL is offering publication of Extended Abstracts in a Special Issue 34th EARSeL Symposium 2014 of EARSeL eProceedings, EARSeL's Open Access Journal for peer-reviewed publications. Special Issue Guest Editor: Bogdan Zagajewski, University of Warsaw.

Manuscripts shall be prepared using the Special Issue Template which you can download here and should not exceed four to five pages in length. Please upload your Extended Abstract not later than by 31 March 2014 (due date) to the Manuscript Management System of EARSeL eProceedings using the Login button on its homepage.

Contributions will be online in the EARSeL eProceedings Special Issue 34th EARSeL Symposium 2014 following successful peer-review by two independent referees and acceptance for publication. The Special Issue will be available on CD to attendees at the symposium registration desk.

Please note: Submission of Extended Abstracts does not make superfluous the Conference Registration, and submission of your contribution including abstract to the Conference Management System, as decribed above!

Poster guidelines

When preparing your poster, please consider the Poster preparation guidelines.

Symposium Proceedings manuscript guidelines

Please prepare your mansucript for the Symposium Proceedings (non-peer-reviewed) by using the WORD template which is available for download in the Conference Management System under '34th EARSeL Symposium and 37th General Assembly 2014, following your login. Registered authors upload their manuscripts through the Conference Management System. To upload your manuscripts, please login and go to 'My abstracts' on the menue on the left column, click on 'upload fulltext' and follow the instructions.

Peer-reviewed full manuscript publications

A submission of full manuscripts for reviewed publication in the open access journal EARSeL eProceedings is particularly encouraged.