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EARSeL announcements

Call for Candidacies for open EARSeL Bureau position

- According to EARSeL statutes the positions of Bureau have to be elected every two years.

- In June 2016 the EARSeL Council of elected National Representatives shall vote on the offices of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary General and Treasurer for the period of June 2016 - June 2018. The Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, 21st June 2016 during the EARSeL Symposium in Bonn.

- Call for candidacies for the 4 offices of Bureau: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary General.

Call for the organization of the 37th EARSeL Symposium in June 2017

- Are you an EARSeL member?
- Do you want to put your lab and your institution under the spotlight?
- Do you want to host an international event and welcome hundreds of scientists from all around the world?

Submit your candidacy as EARSel Symposium 2017 organizer to our secretary (


6-7, May 2016, Prague, The Czech Republic

Abstract submission deadline: 10th January 2016

36th EARSeL Symposium

20 - 24 June 2016, Bonn, Germany

Due date for abstract submission is extended to: 15th February 2016

EARSeL: Imaging Spectroscopy in environmental analyses

Section of XXIIIrd ISPRS Congress, 12 - 19 July 2016, Prague, The Czech Republic

Deadline for submission of full papers: 30th November 2015 10 January 2016

2nd Student Workshop on Ecology and Optics of Coastal Zones

19 - 23 July 2016, Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Russia

Due date for registration: 31st January 2016

Due date for submission of contributions: 29th February 2016

3rd EARSeL SIG Forestry Workshop

September 15-16, 2016, Krakow, Poland, Faculty of Forestry, Univeristy of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland

Organizers: University of Agriculture in Krakow, Faculty of Forestry, Institute of Forest Resources Management

Non-EARSeL announcements

ESA Living Planet Symposium

9 - 13 May 2016, Prague, The Czech Republic

Abstracts Deadline: 16 October 2015

GEO Business 2016

24 - 25 May 2016, Business Design Centre, London, United Kingdom

SPLIT Remote Sensing Summer School 2016

6 – 10 June 2016, Chania, Greece

Registration: 1st February 2016 – 1st June 2016

9th NASA Direct Readout Conference

21 – 24 June 2016, Valladolid, Spain

Registration Deadline is May 31, 2016

XXIIIrd ISPRS Congress

12 - 19 July 2016, Prague, The Czech Republic

Deadline for submission of full papers: 30 November 2015

41st Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and Associated Events “COSPAR 2016”

30 July - 7 August 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

Abstract Deadline: Mid-February 2016

8th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS)

21 - 24 August 2016, Los Angeles, California, USA

March 15: submission of full 4 pages paper

FOSS4G conference 2016

24 - 26 August 2016, Bonn, Germany

Close Call for Participation: 21 March 2016.

2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference

22 - 23 September 2016, Bergen, Norway

Abstract submission: May, 2016

EUROGEO 2016: Geographic Information: for a better world

29 - 30 September 2016, Malaga, Spain

Deadline for registration of paper and poster presentations: 13 June, 2016

Position announcements

Vacancy - Lecturer in Geodesy, Newcastle University

The School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle University, UK

The closing date is 06 June 2016

Jobs opportunities in Remote Sensing & Earth Observation

Analysis of all job opportunities posted since a year are available here.