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19-21 April 2017 University of Zurich

Welcome to the 10th EARSeL SIG Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop

The EARSeL SIG-IS series celebrates its 20th birthday!
You are therefore cordially invited to participate in the
10th EARSeL SIG Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop
19 - 21 April 2017
The European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories
University of Zurich, Switzerland

EARSeL's Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy aims at encouraging interdisciplinary discussions among specialists working with innovative Earth Observation methods and technologies.

After almost 20 years, the 10th workshop goes back to its roots at the University of Zurich where the first meeting took place at the Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL) in 1998.

For this anniversary, we welcome contributions related to any topic in spectroscopy!

Imaging spectroscopy is increasingly finding its way into transdisciplinary research aiming to integrate state-of-the-art methods and data analysis concepts in response to today's key environmental and societal challenges. Besides the discussion of advanced technologies for spectroscopy data processing and analysis, as well as next generation platforms and sensors, the workshop will particularly address integrated approaches in Earth System Science using spectroscopy across all spheres, including the anthroposphere.

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Local organiser:
Remote Sensing Laboratories, University of Zurich