European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories
Symposium Proceedings

34th EARSeL Symposium
European remote sensing - new opportunities for science and practice

Warsaw (Poland), 16 - 20 June 2014

Editors: Bogdan Zagajewski, Marlena Kycko and Rainer Reuter

ISBN 978-83-63245-65-8 © 2014 EARSeL and University of Warsaw, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies
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1. Forest Fires    
The satellite-based products for supporting preventionand recovery of forest fires in prefer.
Giovanni Laneve, Roberto De Bonis, Lorenzo Fusilli, Fabrizio Ferrucci, Ana Sebastian Lopez, Luciano Lourenco, Adelia Nunes, Antonio Bento-Goncalves, Stephen Clandillon, Lucia Tampellini, Barbara Hirn, Dimitris Diagourtas, George Leventakis
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2. Methods    
Quality Assessment of Geospatial Data.
Meguenni Bouhadjar
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Evaluation of the RFM as a replacement for the Rigorous geometric Model of ASLAT-2A imagery.
Issam Boukerch, Mohamed Hadeid, Redouane Mahmoudi, Bachir Takarli, Kamel Hasni
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Spatial consequences of adopting selected criteria for wind farm sitting.
Zdzislaw Cichocki, Malgorzata Hajto, Agnieszka Kusmierz, Jan Borzyszkowski, Malgorzata Bidlasik, Cezary Gorczynski
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Relief evolution monitoring using airphotos time series and GIS. A case study from western Greece.
Katerina Kavoura, Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos, Nikolaos Sabatakakis
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Polarimetric SAR Image Classification on Urban Area using a Subset Selection Method.
Maryam Soheili Majd, Elisabeth Simonetto, Laurent Polidori
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Evaluating ASTER GDEM Accuracy for two areas in western Peloponnese, Greece.
Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos, Konstantina Mexia
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Automatic conversion of colour distribution in overlapped aerial photographs.
Athanassios Stamos, Dimitra Vassilaki
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Global DEM's accuracy improvement with respect to local DEM data.
Dimitra Vassilaki, Athanassios Stamos
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Interpolating accurate TerraSAR-X science orbit data.
Dimitra Vassilaki, Athanassios Stamos
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Evaluating digital elevation models in the atmospheric correction procedure for different satellite image data (Bartin case study, Turkey).
Ayhan Atesoglu, Metin Tunay
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3. Image Processing    
An automated processing chain for the retrieval of georeferenced reflectance data from hyperspectral EO-1 HYPERION acquisitions.
Christian Rogass, Luis Guanter, Christian Mielke, Daniel Scheffler, Nina K. Boesche, Christin Lubitz, Maximilian Brell, Daniel Spengler, Karl Segl
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4. Hyperspectral Remote Sensing    
Hyperspectral digital image analysis and geochemical analysis of a rare earth elements mineralized intrusive complex (Fen carbonatite complex in telemark region, Norway).
Nina Kristine Boesche, Christian Rogass, Christian Mielke, Hermann Kaufmann
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Forest ecosystem health assessment by exergy approach.
Olga Brovkina, Victor Gornyr, Iscander Latypov, Frantisek Zemek
4.7-4.10 download logo
Multi- and hyperspectral satellite sensor form mineral exploration, new applications th the Sentinel-2 and ENMAP mission.
Christian Mielke, Nina Kristine Boesche, Christian Rogass , Karl Segl, Hermann Kaufmann
4.11-4.16 download logo
Advances in reducing radiometric miscalibration - application for hyperspectral push-broom sensors.
Christian Rogass, Christian Mielke, Daniel Scheffler, Nina K. Boesche, Christin Lubitz, Maximilian Brell, Daniel Spengler, Karl Segl
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5. Vegetation    
Hyperspectral data for classification of selected vegetation species above tree-line in the Krkonose Mts. National Park.
Renata Sucha, Martina Andrstova, Lucie Kupkova, Lucie Cervena, Bogdan Zagajewski, Adriana Marcinkowska, Adrian Ochtyra
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6. Forestry    
Models for estimating leaf pigments and relative water content in three vertical canopy levels of Norway Spruce based on laboratory spectroscopy.
Lucie Cervena, Zuzana Lhotakova, Lucie Kupkova, Monika Kovarova, Jana Albrechtova
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Attenuation correction of full-waveform airborne laser scanner data for improving the quality of volumetric forest reconstructions by simplified waveform history analysis.
Katja Richter, Nadine Stelling, Hans-Gerd Maas
6.9-6.19 download logo
Individual tree and crown identification in the danube floofplain based on airborne laser scanning data.
Ivan Sackov, Tomas Bucha, Geza Kiraly, Gabor Brolly, Rastislav Rasi
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Tree detection by row recovery on eucalyptus spp. plantations from TLS data.
Anita Schilling, Hans-Gerd Maas, Christel Lingnau
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Remote Sensing of Periurban Forest Vegetation Biophysical Variables Using Time-Series MODIS Satellite Data
Maria Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Dan Savastru, Marina Tautan, Baschir Laurentiu
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Analysis of forest vegetation - climate feedback regimes through satellite remote sensing imagery.
Maria Zoran, Adrian Dida
6.46-6.56 download logo
Multi-temporal analysis of forestation changes in Tatra National Park using SPOT images.
Beata Weintrit, Joanna Pluto-Kossakowska
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Early findings of the enhancement of MSG fire product by using regionalized thresholds.
Ibrahim Sonmez, Erdem Erdi, Fatih Demir, Murat Arslan, Ahmet Emre Tekeli
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7. Agriculture    
COSMO-SkyMed Imagery for crops characterization.
Federica Segalini, Rocchina Guarini, Claudia Notarnicola, Francesco Vuolo, Luigi Dini
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8. 3D & Urban RS    
Large area covering lidar height models - problems and solution.
Gurcan Buyuksalih, Karsten Jacobsen
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Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw. Comparison of spatial urban development patterns using remote sensing data and landscape metrics.
Leopold Lesko, Michael Wurm, Michael Wiesner, Jan-Peter Mund, Hannes Taubenbock
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Semi-automated building extraction from airboorne laser scanning data on the example of the central campus of Warsaw Uiversity of Technology.
Marcin Marjasiewicz
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Use of remote sensing in urban area navigation of mobile robots.
Okan Okutkan, Derya Maktav
8.21-8.32 download logo
Advances in DSM generation and higher level information extraction from high resolution optical stereo satellite data.
P. Reinartz, J. Tian, H. Arefi, T. Krauss, G. Kuschk, T. Partovi, P. d'Angelo
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Determination of urban development in Istanbul by using the spectral unimixed Landsat images.
Cihan Uysala, Derya Maktava
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9. Land cover    
The use of GIS tools in the study of ventilation corridors in Warsaw - the example of frontal area index method. The case of Mokotowski ventilation corridor.
Edyta Bogucka
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10. Water&Wetland    
Development and evaluation of a near real time system for assessing hydrologic response in Chenab river catchment.
Muhammad Adnan Shahid, Piero Boccardo, Adriana Albanese, Muhammad Azmat
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11. UAV    
UAV Based Very-High-Resolution Imaging on Barton Peninsula Antarctica.
Hong Lyun Park,Se-Young Park,Chang-Uk Hyun,Hyun-Cheol Kim,Soon Gyu Hong,Ryong Lee
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12. Instruments    
The Flying Laboratory - Multipurpose Surveillance and Observation Platform.
Henryk Szkudlarz, Dariusz Karczmarz, Przemyslaw Madrzycki, Malgorzata Perz-Osowska
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13. Oceans & coastal zones    
Evaluation of Spectral Indices for Differentiating Melt Pond from Sea Ice.
Chang-Uk Hyun, Hong Lyun Park, Hyun-Cheol Kim, Sang-Hwan Lee
13.01-13.05 download logo
High Resolution Ocean Color products estimation in fjord of Svalbard, Arctic Sea.
Sang-il Kim, Hyun-cheol Kim, Jung-il Shin, Se-young Park, Kyong-seuk Park
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