European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories
Symposium Proceedings

33th EARSeL Symposium
Towards Horizon 2020: Earth Observation and Social Perspectives

Matera (Italy), 3 - 6 June 2013

Editors: Rosa Lasaponara, Nicola Masini, Marilisa Biscione, CNR, Italy

ISBN 978-88-89693-34-6 ------------ © 2013 EARSeL and CNR
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1. Hidrology and water resource management    
Brazilian Forest Code: an intriguing framework for designing. worldwide protected areas
Carlos Ribeiro, Vicente Soares, José Gleriani, Marcelo Chaves, Alexandre Lorenzon, Kelly Barros, Fabricio Costa, Gustavo Marcatti, Nero Castro, Getúlio Domingues, Julianne Oliveira
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Inundation monitoring through high-resolution SAR/InSAR data and 2D hydraulic simulations
Alberto Refice, Guido Pasquariello, Annarita D'Addabbo, Fabio Bovenga, Raffaele Nutricato, Domenico Capolongo, Annarita Lepera, Luca Pietranera, Salvatore Manfreda, Andrea Cantisani, Aurelia Sole
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Contribution of Earth Observation to Hydro-meteorological Risk Management in Romania
Gheorghe Stancalie, Vasile Craciunescu, Argentina Nertan, Anisoara Irimescu
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Monitoring of surface waters of mountainous Polish river with the use of MONERIS and SWAT models
Monika Tomaszewska, Małgorzata Stolarska, Zbigniew Bochenek
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Exploiting noisy hyperspectral bands for water analysis
Daniele Cerra, Peter Gege, Rupert Müller, Peter Reinartz
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2. Developing Countries    
A Web Client for fire monitoring in support to protected areas management in Africa. A Web Client on fire activity for biodiversity
Ilaria Palumbo, Bart Verbeeck, Marco Clerici, Jean-Marie Grégoire
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Remote Mapping of Gas Flares in the Niger Delta with MODIS imagery
Obinna C.D Anejionu, Alan Blackburn and Duncan Whyatt
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Remote sensing as a data source in a resource-limited context: species distribution modelling of invasive cattle ticks in West Africa
E.M. De Clercq, S.O. Vanwambeke
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Application of an automatic rice mapping system to extract phenological information from time series of MODIS imagery in African environment: first results of Senegal case study
Giacinto Manfron, Mirco Boschetti, Roberto Confalonieri, Valentina Pagani, Francesco Nutini, Federico Filipponi, Alberto Crema, Pietro A Brivio
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3. Space Technology and Missions    
Biomass: new mission selected as the 7th ESA Earth Explorer Mission
Florence C. Hélière, Franco Fois, Chung-Chi Lin, Klaus Scipal, Marco Arcioni, Paolo Bensi, Malcolm Davidson, Pierluigi Silvestrin, Mark R. Drinkwater, Roland Meynart
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Spatio-temporal constraints for emissivity and surface temperature retrieval: preliminary results and comparisons for SEVIRI and IASI observation
Marilena Amoroso, Italia De Feis, Guido Masiello, Carmine Serio, Sara Venafra, Philip Watts
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Comparative analysis of Pléiades and other VHR images in quantitative and visual evaluation
Gizella Nádor, István László
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Sentinel-2 Level 1 Products and Image Processing Performances
S. J. Baillarin, A. Meygret, C. Dechoz, B. Petrucci, S. Lacherade, T. Tremas, C. Isola, P. Martimort, F. Spoto
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The Prisma Hyperspectral Mission
Ettore Lopinto, Cristina Ananasso
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The Saber Project: satellite broadband for European Regions
Mario A Gomarasca, Vittorio Vallero
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4. Radar Remote Sensing    
Quality assessment of TanDEM-X Raw DEMs oriented to a fusion with CartoSAT-1 DEMs
JCristian Rossi, Michael Eineder, Thomas Fritz, Pablo d’Angelo, Peter Reinartz
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Characteristics of Airborne and Spaceborne Height Models
Karsten Jacobsen
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Ground-based SAR interferometry as a supporting tool in natural and man-made disaster
Andrea Di Pasquale, Marco Corsetti, Pietro Guccione, Andrea Lugli, Marco Nicoletti, Giovanni Nico, Mariantonietta Zonno
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Persistent scatterer interferometry based on COSMO-SkyMed imagery
Pietro Milillo, Agram Piyush Shanker, Stefania Pascale, Carmine Serio, Francesco Sdao
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A short overview on the use of optical satellite data in atmospheric corrections for satellite InSAR applications
Rosa Lasaponara, Antonio Lanorte
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Satellite-based TS Diagrams derived from SMOS, Aquarius and OSTIA data
Marlene Klockmann, Roberto Sabia, Diego Fernández-Prieto, Craig Donlon, Marco Talone, Jordi Font
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Contribution of polarimetric SAR attributes for modeling of the tropical forest biomass affected by fire
João R. Santos, Flora da Silva Ramos Vieira Martins, Lênio Soares Galvão, Haron Magalhães Abrahim Xaud
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Soil moisture estimation by using active microwave measurements and support vector regression (SVR)
Thomas Katagis, Diego Fernández-Prieto, Mattia Marconcini, Wouter Dorigo
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5. Geologic & Seismic Applications    
Experimentation of different techniques to extract DSM from EROS B imagery in a post seismic scenario
Valerio Baiocchi, Donatella Dominici, Maria Vittoria Milone and Martina Mormile
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Provision of the Geomorphology Mapping in the study of environmental impact of the roofless mines of the vicinity of jebal Sehib – Southwest of Tunisia
Nabil Gasmi, Alberto Marini, Davide Tocco, Boussairi Boujlel and Slim Aliouet
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Dynamic GIS and Remote Sensing for the diagnosis and geological monitoring of catchment areas
Vincenzo Barrile, Giuliana Bilotta, Giuseppe M. Meduri
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Multispectral automatic feature extraction methodologies comparison
Valerio Baiocchi, Raffaella Brigante, Donatella Dominici, Maria Vittoria Milone and Fabio Radicioni
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6. Urban Remote Sensing    
Urban air pollution assessment through satellite and in-situ data in relation with health aspects
Maria A Zoran, Mariana Rodica Dida
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TASI-600 high resolution airborne thermal data for accurate materials detection in urban scenarios
Simone Pascucci, Angelo Palombo, Maria Daraio, Stefano Pignatti, Federico Santini, Giovanni Laneve
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Urban Detection Using Decision Tree Classifier: a case study
Sara Steffenino, Irene Angeluccetti, Franca Disabato
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Assessing the dynamic expansion of urban areas from space (part I): using Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery and geospatial analysis
Gabriele Nolè, Beniamino Murgante, Antonio Lanorte and Rosa Lasaponara
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Assessing land cover change and soil consumption from space (part II): using Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery and Support Vector Machine
Gabriele Nolè, Beniamino Murgante, Giuseppe Calamita, Antonio Lanorte and Rosa Lasaponara
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Using data fusion to update built-up areas of the 2012 European. High-Resolution Layer Imperviousness
Antoine Lefebvre, Nicolas Beaugendre, Alexandre Pennec, Christophe Sannier, Thomas Corpetti
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Identifying multi-decadal changes of the Sao Paulo urban agglomeration with mixed remote sensing techniques: spectral mixture analysis and night lights
Reinaldo P. Pérez Machado, Christopher Small
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The high-resolution computer models and the information system in the heat balance of the city.
Tiziana Cardinale, Silvia Di Turi
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Modeling and observation of heat losses from buildings. The impact of geometric details in 3D heat flux modeling
Danbi Lee, Peter Pietrzyk, Sjors Donkers, Vera Liem, Jelte van Oostveen, Sina Montazeri, Roeland Boeters, Jerome Colin, Pierre Kastendeuch, Françoise Nerry, Massimo Menenti, Ben Gorte, Edward Verbree
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Urban land-cover mapping with hyperspectral data by means of data reduction techniques and machine learning classifiers
Luca Demarchi, Claude Cariou, Giorgio Licciardi, Frank Canters, Jonathan Cheung-Wai Chan
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7. Sea and Snow/Ice monitoring    
Rogue waves in the sea: towards the efficient use of remote sensing
Irina Nikolkina, Ira Didenkulova
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Designing an effective monitoring system based on satellite sensor for the oil spills detection in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Giovanni Laneve, Giancarlo Santilli, Pablo Marzialetti, Lorenzo Fusilli
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Automatic avalanche mapping using texture classification of optical satellite imagery
Siri Øyen Larsen, Arnt-Børre Salberg, Rune Solberg
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Microwave scattering signature of snowpack – 5 years of snowscat observation experiments
Chung-Chi Lin, Björn Rommen, Nicolas Floury, Dirk Schuettemeyer, Malcolm Davidson, Michael Kern, Anna Kontu, Juha Lemmetyinen, Jouni Pulliainen, Andreas Wiesmann, Charles Werner, Christian Maetzler, Martin Schneebeli, Martin Proksch, Thomas Nagler, Helmut Rott
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Identification of snow covered surfaces using SAR images in Los Andes of Argentina and Chile
Giovanna Argento, Graciela S. Salmuni
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8. Pleiades    
Green infrastructure mapping within an urban context using Pleiades HR over Strasbourg
Jérôme Maxant, Henri Giraud, Stephen Clandillon, Colette Meyer, Paul De Fraipont
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Pleiades system is fully operational in orbit
Alain Gleyzes, Lionel Perret, Eric Cazala-Houcade
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Pleiades and its users thematic commissioning
Claire Tinel, Delphine Fontannaz, Hélène De Boissezon
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Monteverdi 2.0 - Remote sensing software for Pleiades images analysis
Manuel Grizonnet, Julien Michel
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Potential of PLEIADES VHR imagery for risks management and sustainable reconstruction in Haiti: the KAL-HAITI research database example
Delphine Fontannaz, Alain Giros, Bernard Allenbach
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Environmental observatory of sensitive habitats, using Pleiades HR data, contributing to biodiversity protection: case of the Common Hamster in Alsace, France
Jérôme Maxant, Stéphanie Battiston, Claire Tinel, Paul De Fraipont
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Contribution of Pleiades HR imagery for disaster damage mapping: initial feedback over Asia, Africa, Europe or the Caribbean
Jérôme Maxant, Catherine Proy, Delphine Fontannaz, Stephen Clandillon, Bernard Allenbach, Hervé Yesou, Stéphanie Battiston, Carlos Uribe, Paul De Fraipont
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Qualitative assessment of four DSM generation approaches using Pleiades-HR data
Arnaud Durand, Julien Michel, Carlo de Franchis, Bernard Allenbach, Alain Giros
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9. Temporal Analysis    
Time series satellite data for spatio-temporal analysis of land cover biogeophysical parameters in Bucharest metropolitan area in Romania
Maria A Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Dan Savastru
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Satellite analysis of vegetation cover for the enhancement of natural areas
Vito Imbrenda, Maria Lanfredi, Dimitri Dello Buono, Rosa Coluzzi, Tiziana Simoniello
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Habitat mapping and monitoring in Alpine regions using multi-temporal RapidEye data
Anastasia Polychronaki, Nadine Spindler, Barbara Stoinschek, Alexander Schmidt, Marc Zebisch, Kathrin Renner, Claudia Notarnicola and Ruth Sonnenschein
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Investigating satellite SPOT VEGETATION multitemporal NDVI maps for land degradation monitoring in the Basilicata Region: Preliminary Results from the MITRA project
A. Lanorte, A. Aromando, F. De Santis and R. Lasaponara
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10. Land Use/ Land Cover    
From European to regional management of mining waste deposits: adapting to Walloon specificities
Nathalie Stephenne, Christophe Frippiat, Mathieu Veschkens, Daniel Pacyna
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The EAGLE concept - A vision of a future european land monitoring framework
Stephan Arnold, Barbara Kosztra, Gebhard Banko, Geoff Smith, Gerard Hazeu, Michael Bock, Nuria Valcarcel Sanz
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Integration of Earth observation and in-situ data for landscape change analysis. A case study of an area affected by a bauxite residue spill in Veszprém province, Hungary
Ida Fasching, Francesco Vuolo
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Classification of functional land use classes in several tens of urban areas in the Czech Republic from aerial photographs
Lena Halounova, VojtěchHron, VladimírHolubec, Vitalij Kostin and MiroslavTěhle
581-588 download logo
The integration of remote sensing and GIS data in the control of agricultural subsidies in Hungary
István László
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Use of spectral and structural features of objects for land use mapping based on satellite imagery
Malgorzata Krowczynska
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11. Forestry & Natural Environment    
LAI retrieval from SPOT Vegetation in Mediterranean basins
Benedetto Figorito, Eufemia Tarantino, Gabriella Balacco, Andrea Gioia, Vito Iacobellis
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Evapotranspiration of partially vegetated surfaces from remote sensing
Luis Octavio Lagos, Mario Lillo-Saavedra, David Fonseca, Consuelo Gonzalo
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Spatial variability of rape yields reduction due to the winter warming and frost events – case study Poland
Dariusz Ziolkowski, Alicja Malinska
625-634 download logo
The vegetation condition changes near Chernobyl based on Landsat TM
Aneta Modzelewska, Anna M. Jarocinska, Paulina Pochrybniak, Marek Mostowski
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Assessment of Biomass in Magra and Dhanaulti reserve Forest (Missouri Forest, INDIA) using Remote Sensing and GIS
Mohamed Ghabi, K. K. Das
641-646 download logo
Use of ALOS satellite data to estimate volume and biomass in an eucalyptus plantation located in the state of Minas Gerais - Brazil
Vicente P Soares, Fernando S Oliveira, Carlos A. A. S. Ribeiro, , José M Gleriani
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Adaptation of agricultural and conservation management to protect biodiversity against climate change effects
Ákos Malatinszky, Szilvia Ádám
655-660 download logo
Spatial characterization of evapotranspiration. A study at a field scale
Mario Lillo-Saavedra, David Fonseca, Octavio Lagos, Consuelo Gonzalo
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Fostering the payment for environmental services in Brazil – a fair review of the Itaipu binacional’s royalties policy
Carlos Antonio Alvares Soares Ribeiro, Vicente Paulo Soares, José Marinaldo Gleriani, Marcelo de Ávila Chaves, Alexandre Simões Lorenzon, Kelly de Oliveira Barros, Fabrício Rodrigues Costa, Gustavo Eduardo Marcatti, Nero Lemos Martins de Castro, Getútlio Fonseca Domingues, Julianne de Castro Oliveira
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12. Forest Fire    
Forest recolonization monitoring based on HR and VHR imagery: the case of the Maido forest fire exploiting Pleiades HR and SPOT Kalideos database
Mathilde Caspard, Hervé Yesou, Arnaud Selle, Arnaud Durand, Claire Tinel, Stephen Clandillon, Paul de Fraipont
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Satellite MODIS analysis for assessing fire severity: results obtained for the case study of Pisticci (Matera, Italy) in the framework of MITRA project
Antonio Lanorte, Fortunato De Santis, Angelo Aromando and Rosa Lasaponara
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Study of Sentinel-3/SLSTR suitability for estimating active fire parametres
Abel Calle
699-706 download logo
The inventory of forest fires in Europe from satellite images forest fires in Europe
Monika Mieczyk, Małgorzata Mycke-Dominko
707-710 download logo
Development of a vegetation damage severity index for the Italian hyperspectral sensor PRISMA
Roberto de Bonis, Giovanni Laneve
711-724 download logo
Forest fire categorization using remote sensing methods
Malgorzata Mycke-Dominko, Elzbieta Wołk-Musiał
725-730 download logo
Remote sensing estimation of vegetation moisture for the prediction of fire hazard
Carmine Maffei, Massimo Menenti
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13. Methods & Instruments    
Extreme-Wind Observation Capability for a Next Generation Satellite Wind Scatterometer Instrument
Chung-Chi Lin, Franco Fois, Marc Loiselet, Graeme Mason, Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff, Ad Stoffelen, Maria Belmonte-Rivas, Christophe Accadia, Paul S. Chang, Paris W. Vachon
741-752 download logo
A strategy to improve quality and speed of multi-scale high-resolution image analysis through superpixels
Ángel M. García-Pedrero, Consuelo Gonzalo-Martín, Mario Lillo-Saavedra, Dionisio Rodríguez-Esparragón
753-760 download logo
Efficient multidirectional satellite image fusion based on Shearlet Transform
Alberto Pizarro-Rubio, Consuelo Gonzalo-Martín, Mario Lillo-Saavedra
761-772 download logo
Site-dependent classes for the classification of intertidal sediments
Elsy Ibrahim, Jaak Monbaliu
773-782 download logo
Unsupervised multiscale ROIs determination for supervised thematic classification
Consuelo Gonzalo-Martín, Mario Lillo-Saavedra, Juan Gómez-Carpintero, Ángel M. García-Pedrero, Ernestina Menasalvas
783-790 download logo
An application of object-based analysis of satellite imagery on waste
Vincenzo Barrile, Giuliana Bilotta, G.M. Meduri
791-798 download logo
Quantitative and qualitative potential of shelterbelts. Ground measurements of shelterbelts with laser scanner
Andrzej Kijowski, Maciej Nowak
799-804 download logo
The σ-IASI-β.
Giuseppe Grieco, Carmine Serio, Guido Masiello
805-822 download logo
Aerial imagery and geographic information systems used in the asbestos removal process in Poland
Malgorzata Krowczynska, Ewa Wilk
823-828 download logo
UAV flight plan software: first implementation of UP23d
Valerio Baiocchi, Donatella Dominici, Michael Elaiopoulos, Vincenzo Massimi, Martina Mormile, Elisa Rosciano
829-842 download logo
Ground-level spectroscopy analyses and classification of coral reefs using a hyperspectral camera
Tamir Caras, Arnon Karnieli
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14. Cultural Heritage    
Some using of airborne laser scanning in archaeology
Karel Pavelka, Martina Faltynova, Zdenka Bila, Zdenek Svec
849-856 download logo
Archaeological investigations with TLS and GPR surveys and geomatics techniques
Vincenzo Barrile, Giuliana Bilotta, Giuseppe M. Meduri
857-864 download logo
Cartographic visualization of tourist expanse based on remote sensing and GIS
Elżbieta Wołk-Musiał, Malgorzata Mycke-Dominko, Łukasz Krześniak
865-868 download logo
Archaeological risk and spatial analysis. How to compare urban sprawl and archaeological sensibility maps
Maria Danese, Nicola Masini, Beniamino Murgante
869-874 download logo
Ancient land divisions in the territory of Hierapolis in Phrygia and Nicaea (Turkey): the contribution of multitemporal satellite images to the discovery and study
Giuseppe Scardozzi
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15. Climate Change & Metereology    
Satellite map series of long-term elevation changes on Eurasia’s Northernmost ice caps
Aleksey I. Sharov, Dmitry B. Nikolskiy
887-902 download logo
Spatial distribution of aerosol pollution based on MODIS and in-situ data over Bucharest urban area, Romania
Maria A Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Dan Savastru, Marina Nicoleta Tautan
903-910 download logo
The BIO_SOS European Initiative for Habitat Monitoring
P. Blonda, P. Dimopoulos, R.H.G. Jongman, S. Mucher, H. Nagendra, D. Iasillo, A. Arnaud, P. Mairota, J.P. Honrado, E.Padoa-Schioppa, R. Lucas, Peter Bunting, L. Durieux, S. Bollanos, L. Candela, J. Inglada, I. Manakos
911-920 download logo
Assessment of geographical effects of climate change in Hungary with remote sensing methods
Ferenc Kovács
921-928 download logo
Application of the Surface Energy Balance System Model (SEBS) for mapping evapotranspiration of extensively used river valleys with wetland vegetation
Sylwia Szporak-Wasilewska, Jan Szatyłowicz, Tomasz Okruszko, Stefan Ignar
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